Valentine's Day Promo Ideas

  • Jan 16, 2018




You don’t need any special day to promote your business although Valentine’s Day is a great place to start!

People need to feel appreciated…people like customers and employees.

What your gift is doesn’t matter…as it is said, “it’s the thought that counts”. So, keeping the gift handy or useful is the way to go.

Horizontal Heart Emery Board – an inexpensive option at around 25 cents, the emery board is small enough to mail out in with a service reminder and a monthly invoice.

Heart Punch Out Picture Frame Magnet – two promos for the price of one as the center heart punches out for a second magnet from the frame. A great giveaway for events that fall around Valentine’s Day such as Radio / TV Station Events, Health Fairs or School Dances.

Heart Gel Hot / Cold Pack – soothing attention to whatever is ailing you including a broken heart! J Health Wellness, especially at this time of year is the perfect time for Hot / Cold Packs so what will you imprint message be?

Heart Bottle Opener Key Chain – an attractive giveaway but useful as well, this will be a popular item at your next event! This keychain is available in assorted colors…is an easy to use tool for opening cans or bottles.

For additional ideas…Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas!

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