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  • Feb 8, 2019

There are those occasions when you need a large numbers of pens and you need to keep it cheap. Personalized pens in bulk is what you're looking for and it's what Allsorts has to offer.

The most inexpensive pen would be a stick pen which means a plastic pen with cap. The lowest priced option is the Brittany Stick Plastic Pen at 14.9 Cents for a quantity of 5000. This Stick Pen is available in a number of colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy Red, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Pink/Black, Red/Black, White, White/Black, White/Blue, White/Green, White/Red, Yellow/Black all with a one color imprint.

Other options for Stick Pens would be Translucent Stick Pen and the Rita Writer Economical Pull Cap Stick Pen, both are very economically priced.

 Not a fan of Stick Pens?  There a number of inexpensive Retractable Pens available:

Cedar Retractable Plastic Pen each priced at 22 Cents for a quantity of 5000.

Oak Retractable Pen W/ Colored Barrel or the Oak Retractable Pen W/ White Barrel - each priced at 22 Cents for a quantity of 5000.

Slimster Retractable Pen and the Slimster Pen W/ White Trim - each priced at 22 Cents for a quantity of 5000.

 How about an inexpensive Twist Pen?  The Slim Twist Pen is a great choice at 27 Cents for a quantity of 5000. A business-like appearance with it's colors and style...very nice for making an impression at a very budget friendly price.

One of the most popular pens is the Javalina line of pens...not priced much more than the pens above but these pens are popular because they a quality pen with a very low price.

When buying in bulk...check out all of our inexpensive pens on Allsorts.

Questions...let us know as we're here to help!


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