Heart Handle Coffee Mugs

  • Oct 16, 2017

Heart Handle Coffee Mug

On many of our license plates here in Virginia, the phrase “Virginia Is For Lovers” is prominently displayed. The phrase is used frequently in many marketing endeavors within a number of industries like “Virginia Is For Beach Lovers”, “Virginia Is For Wine Lovers” or maybe “Virginia Is For Monticello Lovers”. However, for all businesses, it’s “We Love Our Customers” so why not let them know with a Heart Handle Coffee Mug.

For non-profits, it’s a great way to thank donors for their contribution of time or money. People love to be recognized for what they do so the 12 Ounce Heart Handle Mug is an inexpensive way to deliver your message of appreciation.


The Heart Handle Mug is a great way to begin the conversation of how important people are to us. Add some Hershey Kisses or Lindt Truffles to the mug to sweeten the conversation up as it wouldn’t hurt.

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