Custom Aluminum LED Flashlight With Strap

  • Oct 24, 2017

LED Flashlight

Improving the awareness of your company or organization in the marketplace can be a challenge in finding the right promotional product but at the best price. With the days getting shorter and the nights longer....a well-timed idea might be a flashlight.

Our Aluminum LED Flashlight is the perfect product at a great price as a promotional giveaway. One of the first criteria for a promotional giveaway would be “is the product useful”? A flashlight is always a handy item as there will be more situations in the coming days where we need to light our way. With 9 White LED Lights...this flashlight shines brightly to illuminate the direction it is pointed.  Its size of 3 ½” makes it easy to hold but also the right size for a pocket, purse, glove compartment, desk drawer or backpack.

This mini flashlight is available in five colors, Black, Blue, Green and Silver, all with a laser engraved logo. Included with the flashlight is 3AAA batteries...which are replaceable.


This custom Aluminum LED Flashlight is one Our Best Deal products and offered at a discount of around 15%.

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