Cheap Promotional Ice Scrapers

  • Nov 29, 2017


Although the experts are saying that we have a mild winter ahead of us...I wouldn’t count on it!

People always “tune in” to the weather and an ice scraper is a promotional product that will be well received. Ice scrapers are something that will be held onto from one year to the next which provides your logo extended visibility.

For a cheap ice scraper, try our promo ice 57 cents apiece for a quantity of 250.  It’s a basic little ice scraper but it will get the job done.

One of our most popular ice scrapers is the 7” Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper. Most attractive is that there are eight blade colors and fourteen handle colors to choose from. Additionally, there are three blade colors and four handle colors made with recycled materials. At $1.14 apiece for a quantity of 200...this ice scraper is certainly an inexpensive winter giveaway!

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