Beverage Napkins

  • Jan 9, 2017

Parties are the BEST! They help make life fun! Unfortunately, a lot of them aren't memorable and what's life without memories? If you're planning a party or an event, you will want to make it memorable for your guests. Music, entertainment, food, guests, etc, all make your party fun but there are other ways of making it memorable like having your logo or theme in all the right places. Napkins with a full color imprint are one way of having you in front of your guests and forever imprinted in their mind.

 5 Reasons to use full color imprint on napkins


  • A full color imprint displays your company's logo with its actual colors.
  • WOW your guests and make your event amazing and unique.
  • The napkins provide eye-catching branding.
  • A medium for doodling great ideas or exchanging phone numbers.
  • Full color imprints on napkins can be vibrant works of art.



More than 6 ways of using full color imprint on napkins:


  • Weddings: picture of bride and groom, their names, their initials, the date of their wedding, ornamental flowers.
  • Corporate Events: company anniversary, holiday party, annual picnics.
  • International/National Trade Conferences.
  • Resorts, Hotels: use it at the restaurant, at the lobby bar, the coffee machine, guest rooms, function rooms, catering events.
  • Cruise/air lines, country clubs, golf courses, sports arenas.
  • Birthday, graduation, baby shower, anniversary, celebration, holiday events.

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