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2 hours ago

  Halloween Promotional ideas Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, in your city and across the country. It’s a perfect opportunity to gain visibility for your c...

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Custom Rain Ponchos

Sep 14

   Rain Rain Go Away...until then, there are Rain Ponchos! With all of the recent hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms and just plain rainy days...Ponchos are a MUST! Cheap Rain Ponchos wi...

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Fire Prevention Week

Aug 21

  There is much in life that we take for granted and many times we say “that will never happen to me”. FIRES DO HAPPEN! Fire Safety is something we should keep in mind all year lon...

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It’s Football Season

Aug 14

Bring on the Football  Season!  Custom imprinted footballs are perfect for team fundraising, student involvement, alumni get-togethers and local business community support. Allsorts has a...

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Back to School

Jul 25

Every year, children head back to school, which creates the perfect opportunity for some inexpensive marketing. For around 10 cents, local businesses could provide each student with a pencil ...

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Useful Gift For All Ages

Jun 01

One of our favorites is the Lip Balm With Clip Cap as it certainly is a product that all ages will use and it is inexpensive. The clip allows you to place the lip balm on your keys so that they are al...

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Insect Repellent

May 01

Summertime is quickly approaching and so are the mosquitoes…OUCH! Insect Repellent is a great giveaway for all sorts of outdoor activities like sporting events, music festivals or company picni...

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Senior Citizens Giveaway

Apr 24

The Illuminate Pen with LED light would be a good choice for Seniors! This is a quality aluminum pen with rubber grip that has a light at the pen tip to illuminate the spot where one would be writing....

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Apr 17

It’s back to school time and what better way to gain visibility with the younger crowd than technology! There are so many technology promotional items to consider in a wide range ...

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Trade Conference Giveaways

Apr 10

A Power Bank would be a great idea as it would be useful for those who travel a lot and are on their phone a significant amount of time. However, we would recommend an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) c...

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All-In-One Retractable Charging Cable

Apr 03

A great technology promotional item that can be given away.   An item we came across recently is the All-In-One Retractable Charging Cable. Its unique compact design keeps the cords from t...

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Inexpensive Pens

Mar 20

Inexpensive pens could be used at a tradeshow table for people to fill out a questionnaire and also to keep the pen. Here are a couple of options and both are less than 20 cents apiece. The ...

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HVAC Contractors

Mar 13

A perfect giveaway for HVAC contractors would be a Thermometer Magnet which there are a number of options. People will keep this magnet around to tell them what the temperature is in their home or off...

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Giving Thanks!

Mar 01

We have much to be thankful for in our lives but how often do we let people know other than our closest family members, just how important they are to us. November is a great time to tell our customer...

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Supporting Employee Health

Feb 27

Employee health has been receiving a lot of attention and rightfully so! Americans currently face many health related issues… which can be addressed with diet, exercise and stress reduction. Ma...

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Nail File

Feb 22

This promotional item is inexpensive and can be mailed out. Since the nail file is flat, it easily fits in a #10 envelope without adding to the cost of mailing. Nail Files are available in a...

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Home Show Promo

Feb 17

Something for the home of course… something handy and useful would be the best item to attract people to your table. What comes to mind is a Shammy Towel! People will use the Shammy Towel in th...

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Inexpensive Children’s Gift

Feb 13

Allsorts has an entire category for Fun For Kids however we might recommend these four products. Folding Flyer Disc With Case is fun to toss about, even inside the house and is ava...

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Feb 06

Revablend is new on the market and can help encourage healthy living      The Revablend™ is a new product in 2017; this 20 Ounce Revablend™ is an on-t...

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Simple Works Too!

Jan 16

Sometimes simple and handy promotional items are your best choice for increasing your visibility in the marketplace. People will keep them, use them and see your logo with each use of that item. Consi...

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Beverage Napkins

Jan 09

Parties are the BEST! They help make life fun! Unfortunately, a lot of them aren't memorable and what's life without memories? If you're planning a party or an event, you will want to make it mem...

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Light Up Your Party

Jan 01

Parties can be a challenge in bringing people together so that they can enjoy the event. One idea may be “Glow In The Dark” products with your logo! There are Pint Glasses, Beer ...

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