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It really is as simple as that! Just find the promotional product that will be appreciated by the person that you give it to and don't pay a penny more than you have to.

Simple, maybe not but Allsorts has made it all a little easier with this website. We've created categories to meet your specific interests so you don't have to scroll through numerous products to find what you're looking for. We've also discounted all of our products so that you get a little more for your money! So, when you find that perfect promotional item and pay less than you expected...what more could you ask for? could ask for top-notch customer service, complete follow through on your order and on-time delivery. Allsorts has 14 years of practice providing just that type of service. And no worries about the quality of the product that you've purchased either...Allsorts will guarantee that!

Ask us for help...we're good at that too and it's FREE!  


Cheap Promotional Products

Sometimes your budget will only provide for promotional products that are cheaply priced. Allsorts has discounted all of our products, including the less expensive ones, so that you may make the most of your dollar. We have an entire section on this website devoted to cheaply priced promotional products.

When we say “you don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot”…we mean it! 

Timely Topics - Promotional Products

  • Cheap Custom Koozies

    Cheap Custom Koozies

    Your event is coming up and you're thinking koozies as a way to make the day special but money is tight. The least expensive can koozies on the market is the Enono Frio Sock Beverage Insulator priced ...

  • Personalized Pens Bulk

    Personalized Pens Bulk

    There are those occasions when you need a large numbers of pens and you need to keep it cheap. Personalized pens in bulk is what you're looking for and it's what Allsorts has to offer. The most ...

  • Stemless Wine Glasses

    Stemless Wine Glasses

    The Holiday Season is upon us and parties of one sort or another will be happening. At most get-togethers, wine will be served and what better way to unify everyone than a Stemless Wine Glass.&...

  • Giving Thanks - Promo Items

    Giving Thanks - Promo Items

    We have much to be thankful for in our lives but how often do we let people know other than our closest family members, just how important they are to us. November is a great time to tell our custom...

  • Celebrate Milestones

    Celebrate Milestones

    A bank wanted to promote 110 years of serving individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania through an "Open House" celebration at their branches. Among the many products selected to commemorate this mil...